“I am here for Vets is proud to announce a new service to our Nation’s struggling Military Veterans. We think it’s vital to provide a bridge across the dark void that has grown between the Veterans Administration and some of the Veterans they promised to serve. We feel we can help build that bridge. We must at least try.

To the many Veterans of the United States Armed Forces reading or listening to this message, let us at IAHFV be perfectly clear. We know that many of you are hurting. We know you feel alone in your personal battles at home, and now we want you to know something.

We hear you. We know you need help. IAHFV can be that help.

Having found your way here, please encourage others to visit iamhereforvets.org, and click “Contact Us” if you or they are in need. Know that we understand how difficult that is for a Vet to do. We also know that a Veteran can accomplish anything once he or she is shown the way to succeed.

Please…let us help you reach the people who need to hear and help you.

And Thank You.”